Energy Savings in Your Neighborhood

The staff at Annie’s Ace does more than just sell the DCSEU’s discounted efficient lighting products; they also help customers make wise decisions that fit both their budget and needs.


When I was new to the lighting department at Annie’s, the DCSEU was a great resource in helping me understand energy-efficient technologies.

Jenn Loss, Annie's Ace Hardware


Upgrading to energy-efficient lighting is a simple and low-cost step for reducing home electricity bills. This year, the DCSEU bought down the price of energy-efficient CFLs and LEDs so that 50 retail stores throughout the city’s eight Wards could offer those lamps at an affordable price for District residents. At Annie’s Ace Hardware in Petworth, CFLs were priced as low at $0.49 each. “The savings provided by the DCSEU make a big difference,” said Jenn Loss, Annie’s Ace Lighting Product Manager. Staff members reported that customers were pleasantly surprised at the low cost and that they were excited to start saving money on their energy bills. Using information and marketing materials provided by the DCSEU, Annie’s Ace Hardware—and the DCSEU’s other retail partners—help customers think about their lighting needs and provide customized product recommendations. In FY 2013, District residents brought home more than 214,000 CFLs and 6,000 LEDs purchased at partnering retail stores. When the first step to improving efficiency at home can be found right up the street, both retailers and residents benefit.