Changing a Life With a Lifetime of Energy Savings

Working with the DCSEU, Katina Jordan will save over $4,200 across the lifetime of the new equipment installed in her home.

My level of home comfort has increased 110%, and I’ve already started seeing energy savings. This means the world to me because now I can save money on my bills. I’m really thankful for the DCSEU.

Katina Jordan, Homeowner

In the spring of 2014, homeowner Katina Jordan received the efficiency measures she had been waiting for through the DCSEU’s Income Qualified Services initiative: air sealing, a high-efficiency furnace, and an efficient water heater. She also received new windows, a new door, carbon monoxide detectors, a new rear door, repairs to her front door threshold, and a new gas-powered clothes dryer.

Katina’s home improvements will provide energy cost savings of $4,200 across the lifetime of these installations, and will also add comfort to her home. These improvements have inspired behavior changes that save energy, too. Katina reports taking shorter showers, being more diligent about switching off lights and television sets, and leaving her thermostat in “sleep” mode when she is not at home.