Brightening a Ballroom

A major upgrade of hundreds of lighting fixtures brightens the ballroom and saves tens of thousands a year. 

The projects we completed with the DCSEU inspired us to go back and look at other areas in the hotel that could be good opportunities for energy efficiency improvements.

Rajaram Srinivasan, Director of Engineering, JW Marriott & Metro Center Marriott Hotels

The DCSEU’s first project with Marriott Hotels is one that will enhance the experience of everyone who steps into the ballroom of the Washington Marriott. The DCSEU advised the replacement of 760 lighting fixtures with LEDs. The upgrade translates into $26,800 in electricity cost savings per year. LEDs last longer than the previous incandescent fixtures and will not have to be replaced as often, which increases savings by decreasing maintenance costs. The DCSEU’s services did not end there: engineering and account management staff made a presentation on the carbon emissions reduction, cash flow, and energy savings information for the hotel’s annual reporting on energy efficiency. Although it was the DCSEU’s first project with Marriott hotels, it certainly won’t be the last—staff is now working on over ten projects with the hotels.