Crew Management: SELF PACED COURSE

07/15/2020 9:00AM - 09/30/2020 2:30PM

Class Schedule: SELF PACED COURSE ONLINE; 4 hours total

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A Crew Leader is a residential energy efficiency professional who is responsible for supervising the retrofitting activities specified in the scope of work. Under the backdrop of U.S. Department of Energy’s Weatherization Assistance Program, this course is designed to familiarize participants with fundamentals to successfully perform the responsibilities of the Crew Leader. 

Topics include: crew leader’s role, adult learning concepts, effective crew management, ongoing training, safe work practices, equipment tracking and maintenance, materials tracking, maintaining quality control, and understanding a work order to ensure that all work is completed in a satisfactory manner.

What you’ll learn:

  • Expectations, responsibilities, basic leadership and motivational and problem-solving skills needed of the crew leader for successful weatherization.
  • How to schedule workdays for effective use of time and resources and plan job flow to execute a work order.
  • The purpose of OSHA regulations and DOE and EPA guidelines for working with lead, mold, asbestos and other health hazards.
  • Which homes require lead-safe weatherization practices and certified renovators and what conditions require deferral on a dwelling.
  • The importance of keeping track of and maintaining tools and equipment and the safety data sheet (SDS) and why it is important to keep nearby.
  • How a perpetual inventory system works and how to assure and maintain material accountability.
  • Quality control (QC) and the value of documenting inspection points through the use of QC checklists and the role of the crew leader in maintaining it.
  • Diagnostic procedures required for testing in and out of the house.
  • Explain basic work order components and how to correct work order errors and oversights.

Intended Audience: Current or aspiring crew leaders and/or crew supervisors in the residential retrofit sector, especially those that work in the Weatherization Assistance Program or utility energy conservation programs.

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