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    Preparing for the Future of the Green Workforce with Energy Shrink

    Learn how this District CBE connected with a future employee through green workforce training.

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    Meet the Winter/Spring 2023 Graduates of the Workforce Development Program

    Every year the DCSEU's Workforce Development Program hosts 2 cohorts consisting of District residents earning hands-on experi...

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    Building the Capacity to Compete: How Train Green is Helping this Organization Thrive

    The District’s clean energy goals are some of the most aggressive across the country. DC’s Building Energy Performance …
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    Washington Informer Spotlight: DCSEU Workforce Development Program

    Connecting job seekers to greener opportunities in the local workforce.
  • CBE Green Industry Day

    July 12, 2023 10:00AM - July 12, 2023 1:00PM

    Wednesday, July 12th

    Join DSLBD, DOEE, and DCSEU on July 12th at the Marion S. Barry, Jr. Building, Old Council Chambers to learn about the business opportunities transforming D.C.’s building industry over the next few decades. CBEs have a unique opportunity to take advantage of the demand created by the District’s Benchmarking and Building Energy Performance Standard laws. This opportunity will generate a multi-billion dollar marketplace for green building and energy services through the thousands of new potential customers seeking to assess and improve their buildings. Attendees will also learn about direct contracting opportunities with the DC Sustainable Energy and Utility, DCSEU related to these laws, as well as ongoing rebate and incentives programs that can support your business and clients. DCSEU’s District sponsored Workforce Development and Train Green SEICBP programs designed to support business development growth and capacity will also be outlined in detail. A question and answer session will conclude the presentation, to be followed by a matchmaking session for CBEs to meet with DCSEU staff for further discussions.

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